Cambridge based audio manufacturer, design, build and distribute very high-end digital audio products to a worldwide customer base.

In 2016, following another year of growth, they had the need to expand their premises or re-assess their supply chain strategy.

Vanilla presented a solution, combining our kitting, manufacturing and vendor managed services. The audio customer have migrated their entire stores to Vanilla, with consolidated shipments of all materials delivered straight to their production floor. Their Operations Director explains more below;

Vanilla deliver a consolidated weekly shipment of individually packed, complete production Kits. Everything from components, metalwork, PCB Assemblies and packaging are delivered straight into our stores. We now have a direct line feed on low-value c-class items straight onto our production line. We have reduced our vendor base from over 30 vendors to just one. Each Kit is hand delivered, with re-usable ESD packaging, reducing dust and static in our production area.”

The supply chain strategy implemented at Vanilla has allowed the audio manufacturer to continue to grow their business at their current premises, with a reduced inventory and increased scalability for the future. They have utilised the old stores area as a new sound room and have increased through-put without increasing head count.

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