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Quite simply, we love what we do. In fact, we’re passionate about making every stage of what we do, from procurement and kitting, box building to counterfeit avoidance, all the way through to robotic soldering, as easy as as we possibly can. We’re experts at what we do, and we’ll do everything we can giving as much help and guidance as you need and want. Likewise, we also work with our customers’ engineers, designers and procurement specialists to provide the products they want and need to their exact designs and specifications.

That’s not just smart…it’s simple too. 

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The best kit…the best people

Having great kit means nothing, if you haven’t got great staff in the business. Fortunately we have both. We pride ourselves in looking after our people and we’re aware that they really are an integral part of our business. We want to provide a workplace where our employees feel encouraged, inspired, valued, supported and connected, that then reflects on the quality of our work.

Our kit

We continue to invest in great kit. It benefits our customers, and also ensures that we produce the best quality work available

  • 3 x Promation quick pro soldering robot
  • Quins ultimate inspection scanner

Being part of the TechPoint group enables us to also to offer an impressive array of additional technical expertise and even more of  the most up to date testing equipment and manufacturing facilitates.



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