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Make better buying decisions faster…with this unique total cost management tool

True cost management….at its very best

Make better buying decisions faster with this unique total cost buying analysis management tool.

COST TRACK runs a complete cost analysis of the true cost of buying and handling components.

COST TRACK not only looks at the unit cost, but builds in the cost of lead times, down times, the cost of invoicing and more.

COST TRACK then calculates the ‘true cost’ of your buying choices and allows you true visibility, enabling you to make better informed buying decisions by selecting the most cost effective solution for your business.

It’s simple Let us know the part you’re looking to purchase, and the price per part that you’re currently paying We’ll then ask some questions We’ll then start to dig a little deeper with you, and start to explore and begin to understand the total cost of
purchasing for that part.

Then the clever stuff It’s quite simple really. We’ll input the numbers, and let COST TRACK do its stuff.

We’ll show you the real total cost of purchase Our advanced algorithms will crunch the numbers. We can then start to simply show you what the
true costs of purchasing are. By helping you to cost manage the whole buying process, we can easily show you where savings can be made.

Easy to understand Our reports are easy to read and understand…
…and totally FREE


Cost track…It’s what smart businesses are looking at

We’ve been listening to what businesses like yours want and need.

Working with us and using ‘Cost Track’ means you get access to reports that contain:

 a comprehensive analysis of all the costs associated with individual components

 a true understanding of what your purchasing costs actually are a real guide to where savings can be made

 A cost ‘health check’ as to where the ‘bottlenecks’ are and the choices you have actually are

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