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Vanilla Electronics Ltd was established in 2002, when father and son, Vince and Dan Croft, set up their component distribution business from a small home-office in Norwich.  Just two years later, in 2004, thy had a turnover of £2m per annum and had moved to a 25k square foot premises in Thetford, employing eight people. By 2013, the business had grown, employing 20 people, and now with an annual turnover of £6.2M, more investment was focused on an onsite clean room an inspection and testing equipment facilities.

In 2020, the father and son team turned to private equity investment to further accelerate growth – with increased sales, and growing the internal teams in engineering, marketing, and senior management. Now with 38 employees the business was now turning over £11.5m, and Vanilla now renames and becomes the ‘Vanilla Group’.

The business is very different today from those early years, yet it retains the same heart and passion as when it was established, all those years ago. Vanilla continues to grow, to innovate and to lead.

Nowadays, Vanilla is regarded as the one of the market leaders in procurement and supply chain services. It specialises in bespoke material kitting, box build, counterfeit avoidance, alternative parts solutions and hard to source critical components. The business over many years has continued to work hard to develop its excellent reputation in providing electronics supply chain solutions for manufacturers on a global basis and has ensured that the business remains close to its core values, based on service and integrity.




March 2021 saw the business start to acquire other businesses.  The Vanilla Group has since been re-branded as ‘The TechPoint Group’.

Today Vanilla, and the TechPoint Group, continues to grow, continues to innovate and also continues to employ from the local community.

Excellence in manufacturing is not enough in the modern marketplace. What makes the difference is the level of service we provide and the integrity with which we conduct ourselves in our partnerships with our customers.

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