Critical component sourcing

Critical component sourcing

With worldwide part search capabilities, Vanilla offer a quality, fully-traceable, fast-turnaround component sourcing service trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world and smaller independent ones too.

Through a unique network of global sourcing agents and the very latest part-search systems, Vanilla is able to quickly and reliably locate the hard-to-find or obsolete components others cannot.

Offering a time-critical, fully-traceable supply chain solution, we will make sure that your production line keeps running through our highly effective and trusted part sourcing service.

What is part sourcing?

Part sourcing is the process of procuring electronic components and parts for the manufacturing of electronic products. The objective of part sourcing is to obtain components and parts at the best possible price, quality, and lead time.

This is exactly what we offer both large and small manufacturing companies. Through our experience and knowledge of the industry we have created established relationships with many third-party suppliers that allow us to source, purchase and provide the exact parts and components required for your production and manufacturing needs.

Vanilla offers a fast turnaround combined with cost-effective pricing and high-quality parts every time.

Why you need an electronic parts supplier

Utilising a reliable part sourcing supplier, such as Vanilla Electronics, allows you to focus your efforts on the production and manufacturing of quality products and components whilst we take care of the ground work in finding and providing the hard-to-find parts that will be key for your supply chain.

This partnership gives a whole host of benefits to your business, which include:

  • Cost savings| Part sourcing can help reduce costs by negotiating better prices with suppliers and reducing the time and resources required to find and purchase components and parts yourself.
  • Improved quality| By working with a reliable part sourcing supplier, you can ensure that your  business receive the high-quality components and parts that meet your needs and specifications.
  • Lead time reduction| Part sourcing can help reduce lead times by streamlining the procurement process and establishing relationships with suppliers that can provide components and parts quickly.
  • Reduced risk | Part sourcing can help reduce risk by diversifying the supply chain, reducing the impact of supply chain disruptions.
  • Improved competitiveness | Ensure your company stays competitive by establishing a quicker turnaround and producing quality components at a faster rate.

Why choose Vanilla for your part sourcing needs?

In addition to the overarching benefits listed above, Vanilla provides a range of additional benefits for companies that choose to work with us when it comes to their part sourcing needs and requirements.

Working with Vanilla gives you access to:

  • 35k+ component stock lines ready for same day shipment
  • 750 approved suppliers worldwide
  • Hand-carry service available worldwide
  • Latest internet search engines, with 7k potential vendors worldwide
  • Electronics resellers association member for over 15 years, providing critical data and trading history with thousands of worldwide suppliers.
  • Global distribution partnerships provide access to a large parts database, listing full batch and date code information for previously reported counterfeit parts.
  • In-house test and inspection equipment, including Vision Lynx High resolution Microscopes and 3D X-ray
  • JBC Rework stations and IPC qualified technicians for on-board customer-specific component tests
  • Further destructive and non-destructive tests available

An extensive market knowledge and equipment investment for safe, fully traceable part source service.

A trusted electronic part supplier

In addition to our part sourcing capabilities, Vanilla can also assist in excess inventory management and bills of material management to help further reduce risks and allow you to manage your stock more efficiently.


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