Full traceability

Full traceability

Component counterfeiting continues to be a serious risk to the manufacture of electronics goods. Due to growing regulations, including warranties and returns, electronics suppliers have a lot to gain by implementing a traceability and product recall solution.

  • Compliance  electronic components can be made for particular industries.  An example is the defence and aviation industry. Certain manufacturers legally require that particular standards and requirements are met and that a full audit trail can be followed. So for the defence and aviation industries, Vanilla has successfully obtained BSI AS /EN 9100 and AS/EN 9120 accreditation.
  • Customer confidence and satisfaction  the more information that an EMS provider has in its supply chain the greater the confidence and customer satisfaction that they are getting exactly what is required.
  • Product authenticity  the customer and the end buyer gain total peace of mind knowing that the product purchased is entirely authentic and manufactured as stated.
  • Quality control and management  encouraging the greatest degree of end-to-end control of all parts used in any assembly or manufacturing process, is paramount in benefitting from operational efficiencies, and also helps to reduce waste and assists in internal auditing.

Among the benefits of traceability are the improvement of the production process, control over the supply chain, reduction in the risk of defects, and improved customer service.

To counter this risk, Vanilla has strict processes and criteria in place that govern our procurement.  This limits completely the risk for our customers. Vanilla only purchase components from our approved list of suppliers which include, original manufacturers, official distributors and approved suppliers.

All components that we purchase and supply have a  thorough incoming goods inspection as well being exposed to continuous testing throughout production.

It’s an insurance policy that every electronics components supplier should have.


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