Box build

In its most simplest format, this may mean taking a populated circuit, testing it, and fitting it into a clamshell enclosure, applying labels and packing it into a retail box together with user instructions. More ambitious box builds may require extensive mechanical assembly and adjustment, point to point wiring, chip programming, serialising, and final functional test.

We will also assemble, test and package products to your point-of-sale specification — before incorporating logistics planning and end-user delivery to ship to your facility in the quantities you require, on the day you need it.



What we do…

Vanilla’s manufacturing service goes beyond PCB Assembly, from building to any stage of sub or final box build Assembly, through to tested and commissioned finished products, ready to ship to final end customer destination.

  • Cable Assemblies
  • Enclosures
  • Conformal coating
  • Basic-to-complex sub-assembly products
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Full packaging design and templating service
  • Full traceability through every process, with electronic process control management through dedicated Secure FTP server
  • Lean Manufacturing Principles
  • IPC Qualified in-house Trainers

Becoming familiar with your products naturally leads to Vanilla then managing any end-customer returns, fault diagnosis and rework to IPC 7711/21, then customer replenishment.

What are the benefits of box build…?

It makes perfect sense…just ‘Vanilla’ it

Taking advantage of our full product assembly services has a number of advantages, and it really does make perfect sense.

Simplifying your supply chain has a whole raft of benefits, including costs. Rather than handling the logistics involved in procuring components and services from many different suppliers, streamlining the process by producing one purchase order for one box build contractor saves your business vast amounts of time and resource in researching suppliers, employing their services and producing all the necessary documentation.

And when you add in component sourcing, our capabilities are truly on a global network. We source the lowest prices in the market and can also track down those difficult to source and critical components that sometimes can seem impossible to find. We also operate a fully-traceable procurement process, which means that all components sourced are from trusted and vetted suppliers.

And if your business is short of storage space, our box build services can include use of our storage facilities and help optimise your capacity utilisation. We don’t just offer ‘box build’…but solutions that enhance and ensure your projects get the best possible support.


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