Supplier consolidation

Supplier consolidation

When you are looking at your supply chain, there are often ways to streamline, and one of those is supplier consolidation or vendor reduction. Consolidating suppliers is a proven strategy to concentrate buying power and reduce purchase prices, and Vanilla prioritise the following

  • Dedicated customer support team
  • Reduce transactional and administration costs
  • Consolidate overlapping or similar suppliers
  • Centralising your supplier approval process
  • Eliminate low volume suppliers
  • Helps saves time and resources
  • Helps ensure product quality
  • Increase procurement speed and flexibility
  • Helps reduce material costs and improves risk management
  • Improves supplier relationships

Over the last few years, many businesses have implemented supplier reduction programmes by consolidating their purchasing through a trusted and respected supply chain specialists.

Vanilla’s supplier consolidation programme is a known and respected leader in the industry, based on years of experience and excellent relationships with hundreds of companies in the electronics industries

Our customers have taken advantage of several benefits in delegating their purchasing. By reducing suppliers, they have been not only to increase their purchasing power, they freed up valuable time and so saved on costs.


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