Third party logistics

Third party logistics

Completing our end-to-end solution, we can store, manage and ship your final products to their end destinations worldwide.

The market is changing, as more of our customers decide to consolidate non-core activities, warehousing and shipping included. Our outsourced logistics service is expectedly different to a standard 3PL company, whereby we focus purely on the technology sector.

We have specific ESD handling areas, the same areas that we manage our own 35k component stock lines. You may choose a specific product line that is unsuitable to your own store’s environment, in terms of volume, physical size restraints, or a legacy product. You may simply want to free-up space for more profitable projects. You see the advantage of utilising our traceability and robotic warehousing.

Or you may choose to consolidate your entire store, including spares management. Our logistic service offers:

  • 19.6m tall vertical automated lean lifts for storage and automated picking of piece parts
  • Over 1,500 pallet locations, shipping over 500 line items per day globally
  • Full stores management, end-customer fulfilment, customer spares and returns
  • Technology-focused warehousing and logistics, with state-of-the-art ESD protection, coded access systems
  • Own transport service, operating VMI solutions for customers nationally, including direct line feed, consignment stock and other custom solutions


Vanilla provides secure storage of products in our climate-controlled 25k sq ft, modern, high bay Logistics centre, located just off the main A11 Trunk-road only 40 minutes from Stansted International Airport and close to the UK’s biggest and busiest port, Felixstowe.

A range of storage environments are available, from ESD-safe to low-humidity storage to general pallet storage and fully robotic warehousing. Obsolescence storage and on-going management is also available.

Pick and Pack

Order is assigned to a nominated carrier, whether that be Vanilla’s own transport or a customer-nominated third party carrier.

Goods are carefully packed to strict customer specifications using the latest automated counting and packing machines.

End-customer fulfilment

Vanilla can ship complete goods, spares and engineering kits to end-customer destinations worldwide.

Reverse Logistics

Partnering you throughout your product’s lifecycle, we can manage your product returns, diagnose faults and rework where necessary by our skilled team of IPC 7711/21 certified technicians before eventual replacement and re-fulfilment. We can even suggest corrective actions and redesign proposals if we see reoccurring faults with your products. All stock and manufacturing movements are fully traceable on our stock and production system.

Vendor-Managed Services

Our range of Vendor-Managed Services are tailored to customer requirements and include complete VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solutions for C-Class items, Sub-Assemblies, production Kits and even complete built products.


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